Nepal Dog Treat

NDT All-Natural Dog Chews

Importance of Chewing

CHEWING is a natural habit for your dog.  It is also critical to its health and well-being: chewing exercises jaw muscles; helps scrape away dental plaque; provides relief from irritated gums; helps relieve boredom; and can provide valuable nutrients.

Yak Cheese Chews

Nepal Dog Treat Dog Chews are premium 100% all-natural products crafted by hand in Nepal. Our chews are made of hard, smoked cheese (Chhurpi) produced in the eastern Himalayas.  The cheese is made from the milk of free range Yak & cows using ancient and organic techniques.  The chew's ONLY ingredients are Yak/Cow milk, Salt, and Lime Juice. NDT chews are easily digested and provide a long-lasting and wholesome chewing experience for your dog.

The Best Dog Chew

• Contains only free range Yak & Cow milk, Salt, and Lime Juice • Made from a traditional Nepalese recipe using organic farming and cheese making techniques •  Hand cut, cleaned, and packed • 4 year shelf-life • Easily digestible • Pacifies and healthily focuses dog's attention - up to several hours • Improves oral and mental health • Neutral odor with light sweet and smoky taste • High in protein and Omega-3s, low in fat • Gluten/Grain Free, GMO free • Will not stain or splinter

Nepal Dog Treat

Produces 100% all-natural dog chew treats made from Himalayan Yak cheese (Chhurpi). Our chews are made in Nepal from Grade-A quality Chhurpi sourced directly from top-tier Himalayan farmers. NDT chews are long-lasting, easily digestible, high in protein, and low in fat.  We do not blindly buy “manufactured Chhurpi chews” from wholesalers or repackage other producers' products.  Our production team in Nepal obtains bulk cheese that is organically made from free range Yak using an ancient Himalayan recipe that requires months of milking, boiling, pressing, and curing. This staff then cuts, cleans, and inspects each chew to ensure it can be conveniently and safely enjoyed by your dog.  Our USA and Nepali teams stay in contact throughout this process via voice, video, and face to face meetings. 

IMPORTANT: Not all Yak cheese and chews are equal in quality.  Their differences will be noticeable to you and your dog.  Lesser quality chews may have a bad odor, mold, brittleness, and uneven edges.  We strive to ensure our products provide the very best quality and value to you and your pets.